There are many benefits of flying a private jet which you will feel on your first flight.

The fundamental difference is that our planes are always waiting for you, not otherwise. It is you who decides when and at what time you fly to which destination. If your plans change, we will provide you with a new schedule according to your wishes and the aircraft will adapt to it. In addition, thanks to the size and technical parameters, private aircraft can also land at airports where the general airlines are not allowed. For this reason, you will always get as close as possible to your destination, so the transfer by land will be significantly shortened. If you would prefer a helicopter, we will also take care of this transport option at WAPE JETS.

If you are a fan of fast check-in, you will certainly be thrilled that you can arrive at the airport 15-20 minutes before departure and with the assistance of a crew that will be happy to help you with any luggage, you will go through the security check for VIP clients (often the entire terminal so-called GAT) directly to your aircraft.

The number of destinations you visit in one or more days depends only on you. In the case of business trips, it is common to fly to 2 to 3 different places in different countries. In this case, the time flexibility of private aircraft is highly appreciated. With general airlines you often do not find a suitable connection, so you are forced to travel with a loss of time or even incur additional costs for the hotel and ground transfers.

Discretion comes first at WAPE JETS. You can be sure that we will make sure that you feel safe anytime and anywhere.

On board general airlines, you travel in first class and business class with passengers you do not know. For private jets, it is you who determines the number and composition of passengers. Therefore, you will always fly only with those you want. It's the comfort of privacy throughout the flight that will make it even more enjoyable.

If you have ever bothered about catering due to food intolerances or simply because you have refined taste, a private jet is the ideal travel tool for you. On board our planes, we take care of our clients in this regard as well, and we will be happy to provide you with almost anything from steak to seafood to children's meals, including vegan, vegetarian and other special dietary options. Food preparation options are determined only by the size and equipment of the aircraft.

Pets are a part of your life and you would like them to fly with you. On board a private jet, pets will accompany you in the cabin and you can be certain that these family members are also well taken care of during the flight.


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