Jet Book

Complete guide to business jets and helicopters

In collaboration with Media Tribune, the 3rd edition of the unique Jet Book has been published, presenting all operators, current and future aircraft owners and aviation fans with a comprehensive and understandable guide to the world of commercial aircraft and helicopters.
The book is packed with detailed, useful information about each aircraft, provided by the aircraft manufacturers directly for it. 

It is thus an essential publication for anyone wishing to obtain the most up-to-date data, statistics and points of interest on business aircraft and helicopters and to see exclusive photos of these aircraft.
The Jet Book publication presents a complete portfolio of all available business jets and helicopters, as well as a series of interviews with aviation business leaders. It is published in English. You can find more info here.

Chapter Overview

The Sapphire Pegasus Awards

Following the successful release of JetBook, MediaTribune expanded our cooperation in the field of international business aviation awards.

The Sapphire Pegasus Awards is a unique series of international awards in Business Aviation, awarded for outstanding performance by companies or individuals in the Business Aviation area. Finalists are nominated by companies or individuals. Proposals are evaluated and assessed by the Advisory Committee, which is represented by professionals from various sectors of general and business aviation. The Sapphire Pegasus Awards acknowledge the outstanding performance of companies, teams and merchants, not only from EMEA.

aerospace media awards

Celebrating Excellence in Aerospace Journalism and Publishing

EUROPE – LONDON 20. 7. 2020

The Aerospace Media Dinner is an annual awards dinner celebrating excellence in aerospace journalism and publishing. Founded in 2012 the Awards take place in London or Paris on the eve of the Farnborough and Paris Airshows, respectively. Awards are presented to journalists and publications that have been judged to be the best in their category.
The Aerospace Media Dinner has become not only the aviation media networking event.

SINGAPORE 11. 2. 2020

In conjunction with Singapore Airshow 2020, the first Asia Aerospace Media Awards were presented in Singapore on the evening of 11 February 2020. The objective is to recognise and honour the work of Asian journalists and publishers, as well as journalists based in Asia.