When can I depart after order confirmation?

If the aircraft with the crew is available and we receive all the necessary permits, it is possible to depart within 3 hours from the filght confirmation.

If I book the flight, what's next?

When you confirm your flight, we will send you a contract. On its basis we will place a firm order for you of the selected aircraft type. We will then issue you an invoice. The payment must always be made before departure.

How is the payment made for the flight?

You will receive an invoice from us, which must always be paid before your departure to our EUR or CZ account, according to the currency of your choice.

When should I arrive at the airport before departure?

We recommend our clients to arrive at the airport at least 15-30 minutes before departure.

How is the check-in process at the airport?

Upon arrival at the airport, it is necessary to come to the General Aviation Terminal (GAT), which is available at most airports. At the terminal, a captain with a handling agent will be waiting for you and they will go through a security check with you and accompany you directly to your aircraft..

Is it possible to travel with animals?

If it is a dog, cat or similar animal, then most private jets allow them. Before departure, it is required to provide the necessary documents on vaccinations, etc.

What about catering during the flight?

Catering is always part of the flight. We provide VIP catering (either hot or cold meals), depending on the size and capabilities of the aircraft. On paragraphger aircraft, where a Flight Attendant and the necessary facilities are available, it is possible to serve hot meals, e.g. steak, fish, etc.

Do you also arrange other transfers?

For our clients, we provide transfers of selected types of cars or helicopters.


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