Piper M600/SLS

The Piper M600/SLS is a more modern and powerful version of the popular Meridian turboprop, which has been renamed as M500 for a new marketing strategy. The M600/SLS model has undergone more than a mere facelift of the original Meridian and can boast many innovations. These include improvements to the SLS series ("Safety Luxury Support") and the autonomous emergency landing system. This is an intelligent function, completely independent of crew operation, thanks to which the aircraft can land itself after pressing a button.

Piper Aircraft

The American Piper Aircraft company is considered one of the most famous in the field of the manufacture of smaller civil aircraft. It was founded in 1937 by William T. Piper. This model of commercial aircraft is a great choice for shorter flights.

Technical Specifications

Cabin height 1.18 m
Cabin width 1.25 m
Cabin length 3.73 m
Number of seats 4
Luggage compartment 0.57
Range 3.071 km


Flight attendant
Catering / snack