Hawker 850XP

The Hawker 850XP attracts clients especially with its spacious cabin, which has very impressive dimensions in the context of medium-sized aircraft, all the more so when it comes to the width of 1.83 m. This ensures that passengers feel more comfortable in-flight. By default, the plane can accommodate up to 8 passengers, although there are interior configurations for a larger number of people.


Beechcraft Corporation is an American aircraft manufacturer, founded in 1932 by Walter Herschel Beech and his wife in Wichita, Kansas. In 2014, he bought Textron Aviation Inc. and Beechcraft became part of a large family along with Cessna, Hawker and Bell Helicopter.

Technical Specifications

Cabin height 1.75 m
Cabin width 1.83 m
Cabin length 6.48 m
Number of seats 8
Luggage compartment 1.38
Range 4.890 km


Flight attendant
Catering / snack