Beechjet 400A

The Hawker BeechJet 400A was originally created under the auspices of Mitsubishi as the most luxurious variant of air transport within business aviation. It was further developed by Hawker Beechcraft and is now part of Textron Aviation. The model was gradually improved to have greater range, capacity, load capacity and to meet a variety of requirements by both pilots and passengers.

The cabin is adapted for comfortable seating. Passengers will appreciate the flat floor, which most private planes in this category do not have. Moving around the aircraft is therefore much more pleasant.


Beechcraft Corporation is an American aircraft manufacturer, founded in 1932 by Walter Herschel Beech and his wife in Wichita, Kansas. In 2014, he bought Textron Aviation Inc. and Beechcraft became part of a large family along with Cessna, Hawker and Bell Helicopter.

Technical Specifications

Cabin height 1.45 m
Cabin width 1.5 m
Cabin length 4.75 m
Number of seats 7+1
Luggage compartment 1.58
Range 2.380 km


Flight attendant
Catering / snack