Citation Bravo

This quiet, economical jet boasts a spacious interior and a long range of up to 3 170 km. The cabin is equipped with 7 seats, a minibar and folding tables. The Citation Bravo is a very popular private jet, both in Europe and the USA.


The Cessna Aircraft Company has been synonymous with private aircraft for decades and, with its Cessna, Beechcraft, Hawker and Bell Helicopter brands, accounts for more than one-half of global aircraft manufacture. Since 2014, it has been part of the Textron Aviation Inc. group. During its long existence, Cessna has gradually expanded its range from small propeller planes to large private jets.

Technical Specifications

Cabin height 1.43 m
Cabin width 1.49 m
Cabin length 4.88 m
Number of seats 7+1
Luggage compartment 2.09
Range 3.170 km


Flight attendant
Catering / snack