Challenger 650

Perfection is the second name of the successful Challenger 650, the successor to the Challenger 605. Its popularity is emphasised by the fact that it is one of the best-selling jets in its class. A spacious cabin with a flat floor, a separate galley for preparing and serving delicacies, a place to rest and sleep and the possibility of entering the luggage compartment inflight are the perfect combination for travelling any distance.


Bombardier Inc. is a Canadian company, operating primarily in air and rail transport. Founded in 1942 by Joseph-Armand Bombardier, it is now one of the world's private aviation leaders. Its clients can choose from a range of Learjet, medium-sized Challenger and Global jets, the latter which is the company’s flagship.

Technical Specifications

Cabin height 1.83 m
Cabin width 2.41 m
Cabin length 7.80 m
Number of seats 10+1
Luggage compartment 3.25
Range 7.410 km


Flight attendant
Catering / snack